Our Jackets

Perfectly Unique

With world-class fabrics and careful construction, our master tailors cut individual patterns, creating suits that are truly unique.

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Almost every detail — from collar style, cuffs, contrast fabrics, buttons, to whether you want a monogram and of course, size — is chosen by you and is all inclusive in our fixed prices.

Bemberg Linings

All shirt come standard with bemberg lining. The world’s finest lining, it's soft, breathable and very comfortable to wear.

Working Cuffs

Almost everything is customizable on your jacket and “surgeon’s cuffs” (cuffs where the buttons actually open and are usable) are a complementary option that give your jacket that extra "bespoke" feel.


All of our suits come standard with corozo buttons, a high quality and natural product, not the typical polyester button that most suits come with- Horn or bone are upgradeable options, we offer 9 different colors and styles.


Brand labels are a mark of authenticity and are provided by the mills for each suit length of fabric purchased. This applies to European and branded fabrics only.