Kimmy Tailor is owned and operated by Vietnamese-Canadians with over 15 years of experience working in Vietnam and abroad. Our team of English and Vietnamese speakers are capable and motivated.

Our access to a huge team of handpicked tailors, fabric producers and industry professionals allows us to produce high quality garments at the right price.

Why Us?

Hoi An has many choices when you are looking for a tailor and there are many factors to consider.

We believe that we are an excellent choice for many reasons;

We are a team of English speakers (Vietnamese-Canadian) working alongside excellent Vietnamese tailors. We are one of the few tailors that actually produce in our own factory.

When you come into our shop, we will give you a brief introduction on how we make our clothes and bring you for a tour to our own factory one block away.

Unlike the rest we don't just send to some home or market tailors. Tailoring is an intimate, personal and time consuming process and it is one that is greatly facilitated by dealing directly with us.

We understand your expectations, needs and preferences perfectly.

Good Quality Fabric

Our base level fabrics are of a much higher quality than most. Our fantastic, pure wool suiting fabrics are just that, pure wool, and if you want Italian fabrics, we can give you details on the fabrics such as the mill that they were produced and so on.

We are absolutely accountable. If you ask for 100% cotton, you will get it. You will leave with a perfectly fitting, quality garment (or hopefully many!), not a nightmare story.

You can deal with us easily on the phone and via email, being English speakers and business people we are efficient, capable and reliable, this makes setting up appointments, dealing with issues and enquires easy.

Once we have your measurements we can easily service your requirements via our website. We have an advanced, secure e-commerce site enabling credit card transactions, so not only can you get a great outfit whilst you are here on holiday but once you go home we can continue to look after you, most Hoi An tailors don’t have this ability.

We produce high fashion, beautiful quality tailored clothing. We produce classy garments.