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How to make sure you Get what you pay for

With literally hundreds of tailors here, knowing which one to choose can be an overwhelming choice to make. With so many tailors promising you the world, Kimmy offers you an honest, guided experience which is a value not many can bestow. Tailoring is an intimate, personal and often time-consuming process. By dealing directly with us, we save you time and ensure you peace of mind. We listen to understand your needs and preferences and don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to delivering quality.





At Kimmy, we are very proud to let you know that we have our own in-house tailor with over 20 years’ experience, having passed down their skills from generation to generation. We control every aspect of our production. When you visit our shop, we will give you a brief introduction on how we make our clothes and then happily take you to our factory, about one block away if you’d like to see where the production takes place.